Day 4 – Die Cutting Techniques for Backgrounds

Another Awesome day with Online Card Class  Background CheckKristina Werner's technique.

!  Diffusers, Cover plates and DIY cover plate dies!  What a day.  I actually made my own diffuser.  It was not that hard.  I may play with that some more!!  I did not have a cover plate and so I had SOOO much fun making do with smaller dies.   I went to sleep dreaming of possibilities.

Photographing the faux cover plate made me see a new possibility for a background for these die cut pieces.  I will have to get more corrugated paper!!

This background was painted with DI and a touch of blue Color Burst powders!

 I did end up saving and glueing in the two little pieces that went in the top flower.  

When I started painting the flowers below, I realized they were to small and so I had to paint the whole thing.  Both were colored with metallic water colors.