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CAS Watercolour January Challenge

So excited to see the CAS Watercolour January Challenge as I had just been playing with watercolors and snowflakes.  While it took nearly a day to complete the panel, it lead to many projects.  I first watercolored two panels (using Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 COLOR SET) one in blues and the other in metallic white!!  It is sooooo sparkly!  
First I cut out snowflakes from the blue panel, then I backed it with the STCK IT paper.  Then I cut out the same snowflakes from the white paper and stuck them into the blue - inlaid. Don't forget to save the little pieces from the blue!!  

At this point I just looked at it for a while....not sure what to do with all that work.  So then I decided to just cut it in strips and add to a card. 

Here is a closer look at one...there is faux embossed stitching above the panel.

And with the blue snowflakes that were cut...I added them to some woodgrain paper cut into tags.  The tiny tags were made from a strip that was not quite "card worthy".…

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